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Want to cultivate the feelings of love and compassion (for yourself and others) on a daily basis? Then you need to try Metta Meditation. It is a Tibetan form of meditation that has been around for hundreds of years. I love to share this practice with people because for me personally it was one of the only forms of meditation that I enjoyed so much that I could do it on a daily basis. During Metta you repeat several phrases in your mind (or out loud if you wish): 

May I be filled with loving-kindness

May I be happy 

May I be safe

May I be free 

As you say each phrase, connect with the intention. As feelings arise in the body, let them grow. If you can't connect to these phrases you are welcome to switch it up to something you relate to more. 

For day 1, we will offer these phrases to ourselves. Self-love is always a challenge so really soak it up today with the following meditation. 

If you feel like sharing when you have completed the mediation DM me on Instagram @balanceswim or comment on the post.